"A ruined, but still operational nuclear power plant to the northwest of Ocean City, Oceanside provides power to the city despite its disrepair."'

Oceanside Power Plant
Location Ocean City
Factions Oceanside Security, Swampfolk
Associated Leaders Officer Mark

History Edit

Background Edit

The Oceanside Power Plant was constructed in the decades before the war to replace the increasingly outdated coal plants of the area. Built using the height of modern technology, the plant was a hallmark of efficiency and output. Equipped with both robotic maintenance workers and security forces, it was largely self-sufficient and only required occasional human intervention to operate.

When the bombs fell, the plant was only incidentally damaged, with three of its four reactors surviving the blast. The fourth reactor was determined beyond the scope of the automated maintenance workers to repair and it has been left abandoned. The other three reactors were temporarily taken offline for a few decades, with documentation noting the process as necessary to implement repairs. When they came back online, however, most of the plant's output was stored in massive batteries or otherwise dissipated, as the destruction had taken down many of the power lines and networks, leaving the power with no place to go.

When Ocean City was successfully restored to its former glory, one of the first goals of its residents was to reestablish power. When a scouting party discovered the plant being largely intact, if dangerous for human life, they left the plant in the capable hands of its robotic tenders, taking only a security pass which would allow any who needed to return safety from the security forces present there.

Present Day Edit

Oceanside is largely still untouched since the War, with its automated workers and security largely still operational. Once in a while, a human "overseer" is needed to maintain power output and allow the plant to continue operating at peak efficiency, leading Ocean City to comission a small party to journey there every year or so to prevent interruption of power to the City. Combat readiness has proven essential for these expeditions as some of the protectrons that defend the plant sometimes deviate from their programming and go rogue, not to mention the presence of cannibalistic Swampfolk in and around the abandoned fourth reactor.

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